Kimberly Gagnon,


Kimberly has been a full-time Licensed Massage Therapist for 10 years and has a very loyal following. She easily taps into her creative side, but it is the science within her profession that continuously interests her. While she does deliver a calm and restful full body massage, she prefers to work with athletes or those seeking relief of specific chronic pain and tension. She oftentimes utilizes Cupping Therapy and other tools to deliver the best results. When she is not at the spa, she is exploring new destinations with her boyfriend, her 7 year old son, and their Labrador!

Ambar Colon, Co-Owner,
​Lead Esthetician

Marissa Schofield, Manager,

Esthetician & ​Makeup Artist

Ambar delivers a facial that cuts no corners. She radiates passion and delivers impressive results without sacrificing the peaceful flow of her service. She loves continuing with her education and is eager to help others in building their own confidence and skill set. Ambar is a mother of two beautiful little girls to whom she credits her motivation. She loves spending time with her family and friends.
"Laughter and Love is everything".

Marissa is a talented esthetician and makeup artist! Before truly understanding what her future would hold, she loved learning about different skin benefits in natural elements such as fruits and vegetables and used this knowledge to create her own skincare regime. Due to this she is passionate about Eminence products used at fleuresh. Another great passion for her is makeup. Being an artist at her core, makeup is another creative medium worth exploring each day. Marissa applies her artistic and creative background  effortlessly in what she delivers at the spa. In her down time, Marissa works on a personal web comic,  enjoys aerial yoga weekly, and spends time with her boyfriend and three ferrets.   

Gulan Ali,

Esthetician & Front Desk

Gulan graduated from Laird Institute of Esthetics in 2015. She works tirelessly to deliver results while keeping the spa experience relaxing.  She loves helping those that suffer from acne prone skin as well as mature skin, and will make recommendations for the best skincare regimen for home care to maintain the improvements delivered at the spa. The skincare industry changes so frequently, so continuous learning in a major part of Gulan's life. Gulan is a very family oriented person and spends most days with her loved ones. She also greatly enjoys music and yoga.

Christine Murray,

Licensed Massage Therapist

Nicole Weldon Labreque,

Licensed Massage Therapist

Christine has been an LMT for 8 years. She uses many techniques including trigger point therapy, cupping treatments and energy and chakra work. Christine enjoys working with people and providing a unique and personally tailored massage experience to each client. She is certified in many massage disciplines including deep tissue, pregnancy, special needs and cancer care. Christine has 2 daughters she loves to spend time with. She is an avid scrabble player and enjoys time outside hiking and exploring new areas.⠀

Nicole has been an Licenced Massage Therapist since 2004. Her list of massage attributes include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports massage, Himalayan stone, Hot Stones, Migraines and Headache treatments, reflexology, Swedish Relaxation techniques and a wide assortment of spa treatments. 
Nicole has worked with both physical therapists and chiropractors, treating their patients for many different injuries and muscle related problems. She has recently started working with medical massage, AMT, and "Rock" kinesiology taping. Away from her treatment room, Nicole works the sidelines with the Granite State Destroyers, a semi-pro football team located in Raymond NH. She tapes, stretches and massages the players as needed during practices and games throughout the season.

"Our promise to you is one of unparalleled service and care, with a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

We have the flexibility and openness it takes to customize services tailored to individual needs."

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